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Absenteeism costs UK business £32 billion a year (HSE 2011) muscular skeletal disorders such as back pain, RSI and stress where the most commonly reportedly illnesses in absenteeism.
Muscular skeletal disorders – 9.3 million days lost. Stress and depression – 9.8 million days lost 

​Early Intervention Reduces Sickness, Absenteeism and Costs

Implementing my back care workshops,and related health programmes will help reduce sickness absence, and compensation claims, while maintaining job retention and increasing productivity.

Company Success Measured by Employee Satisfaction?

As an employer it is in your interests to help your employees to reduce and manage such illness by supporting their well being through the workplace. Workers will spend less time off work with MSDs if they are given key medical advice on prevention and practical advice on staying active, without aggravating their problem (Dr M Du Bois Uni of Leuven, Belgium 2012). Companies are increasingly using employee satisfaction and well being as a measure of company success. This makes sense as Governments will make organisations realise the burden to them of an unhealthy workforce and encourage measures to change this.



Your place-of-work can now access my Professional Services, for help with:

  • Back, Neck, Joint & Muscle Pains
  • Stress
  • Stopping Smoking
  • Weight LossManagement
  • Massage
  • Workshops
  • Plus Much More…



MLT  Part 2

Excellent articles on Muscle Learning Therapy, developed by the late Dennis Ettare, MA, BCIAC, MLTC. For anyone interested in work-related injuries, RSI and stress related problems.


This video clip is a great example of  how your company could take full advantage of the work that i do, both financialy and for the physical wellbeing of your employees.

This clip is an introduction to two great products called a Back-UP and S’port Backer from Nada-Chair. I highly recommend them for the relief of back-pain, as part of your treatment. You will soon be able to purchase these items from hear.

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