Below is a list of my Workshops. Check this page regularly for dates, venues and updates. I specialise in offering a mobile service, delivering workshops at your place of work (school/college, clinic, gym, office). My workshops are fully recognised and supported by:


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“In this modern era of sports facilities, resources and the demands put upon athletes bodies, there has never been more of a need for high quality manual therapy training.”   Brian Huxley – 2010

Mastering the fundamentals of Myifascial Release1100MFRW1
Advanced Myofascial Release2200MFRW2
Remedial massage Techniques2150RMW
Advanced Stretching180ASW
Orthopaedic Joint Examinations2100OJEW
Introduction to Kinesio Taping150IKTW
Manual Kinesiology180MKW
Fascia Training180FTW
The Influential Psoas150IPW
NLP for Therapists150NLPTW
NLP for Athletes150NLPAW

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