Quit Smoking


Brians Philosophy and Approach to Helping Smokers

Brian believes most smokers have often just lost the belief in their own ability to stop smoking by the time he meets them.  After several failed attempts to stop smoking people have usually built up a belief system that makes it seem as though it’s going to be really difficult to stop smoking.

A wide range of psychological techniques are used to help break down your beliefs and preconceptions about stopping smoking, provide you with the psychological strength, skills and resilience you need for the long term.

You will be taught skills & techniques to overcome any cravings you may experience and teach you ways to stay calm and relaxed during those first initial days without cigarettes. Brian rarely uses hypnosis during these sessions, the only time this technique is used is with clients who are likely to be good hypnotic subjects and who are suggestible.


*Free Consultation is Subject to availability.