My Resume: Brian is the proud owner of Freedom From Pain Services and Director of Training and Education of his Advanced Workshops section. He has over 21 years Clinical and Educational experience, a highly respected Therapist and Senior Lecturer within the Sports injury, Rehabilitation and Hypnotherapy (NLP) industries. Brian has treated many Celebrity athletes over the years and lectured at various venues throughout the UK. He recently became a S.T.E.P.S (Subconsious Therapeutic Elimination of Pain Signals and Symptoms) Practitioner, a Hypnotherapy based technique used to eliminate OLD Chronic PAIN.

My Background: Have you ever wondered… “what was I really meant to do, career wise?” well, back in 1995 I asked myself that very question, and after making the ‘drastic’ decision to leave my mundane job in the Water Industry,  I decided to pursue a career in Exercise and Sports Therapy as I had a personal interest in fitness and after sustaining the odd injury and visiting physio’s for help.

I stumbled upon a course at Barnsley College, this was a unique pilot course designed to build public interest. I use the word UNIQUE because it combined: Anatomy & Physiology, Massage, Exercise & Fitness and Sports Therapy, all together spread-over one full year. As far as I’m aware, up to that point in time, no such course existed in the UK. Yes, you could find courses and workshops on the individual modules/topics but not all together. So I jumped at the opportunity.

Finding this quite daunting, as I didn’t do very well at school, in-fact, I left without any qualifications at all, baring in mind I have dyslexia. Having said that, I really relished the challenge and I can honestly say that I really enjoyed the whole course, it was very difficult at times but I’m thrilled to say that I managed to achieve an overall Distinction for my efforts.


In 1997 I was given an amazing opportunity, to open a Sports Injury Clinic within the Metrodome Leisure Complex in my home town of Barnsley, South Yorkshire. In 1999 I qualified as a Hypnotherapist (specialising in NLP) incorporating this service into my Clinical practice and Teaching. Over the next 8 years, my clientèle included:

  • British Professional Athletes (Don valley stadium, sheffield)
  • Professional Rugby (Doncaster RC)
  • Professional Football (Barnsley FC)
  • Professional Dance (Leeds, Nottingham)
  • England Cricket Team
  • TV work: Gladiators, Peak practice (therapist/consultant)

During this time, I took full advantage of an opportunity to teach Sports Massage & Sports Therapy at various Colleges and Schools around England. Leading me to close my clinic and take on the distinguished, full-time role aactives Senior Lecturer and Education Manager for the UK’s leading training provider.


Update: I am very proud to have recently started working for Velocity PT Academy as their Sports Massage Lecturer.



This has been an exciting 17 years of teaching just about every subject within Sports and Exercise Therapy and NLP, that gave me great recognition within the industry. I hope you’ll follow me on my future journey. Thank you for reading.