kids workshops

I run Kids Workshops of 3 or 4 children (accompanied with a responsible adult). I introduce them to some basic NLP through games and fun activities in pars. We use NLP techniques to agree a ‘compelling vision’ of what we would like to get out of the session. They learn how to access and recognise their skills, notice limiting beliefs and unresourceful language patterns.

These might be in terms of:

  • Skills to manage our state (anger, frustration, sadness, tiredness etc)
  • Skills to improve communication
  • Skills to conquer exam nerves and revision pressure
  • Skills to improve behaviour or performance at school or in sports
  • Gaining confidence to tackle tricky issues at home or school
  • Dealing with bullying
  • Self belief to counter peer group pressure

Each workshop will be slightly different but the NLP skills and techniques will be learnt and participants shown how they can transfer them to their own particular situation.

Complete the form for more information and contact me to arrange one locally or find out what’s happening in the South Yorkshire area.