Barnsley Sports Academy, Honeywell Campus, Honeywell Lane, Barnsley, S75 1BP.


Myofascial release techniques are rapidly gaining an upsurge in popularity because they are, for the most part, conservative, gentle and can quickly yield startling results even when applied by the beginner. This workshop aims to provide you with a broad base introduction to the myofascial approaches to treatment – widely used in the Americas and parts of Europe today.

There is a strong emphasis on practical ‘hands-on’ work, combined with a mixture of short lectures and discussion.

The principal aim of the workshop is to develop the participant’s subtle sense of touch and specifically how subjective “feel” of the connective tissues can change with time and application of gentle pressure.

This palpatory skill will then be set in the context of the clinical setting and you will also learn the current thinking regarding soft tissue diagnostics – as well as how and when to apply the various techniques.

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